Accountant To Introduce The Corporate Lunch & Learn Program

COPY & PASTE THE TEXT BELOW (Make Edits As Necessary)

Hi (Client's name)
I just wanted to touch base to let you know about a corporate benefit we have. 
Would it be possible to put us in touch with a decision-maker at your company (the owner, CEO, or human resource manager) who will allow my group to come in to discuss the financial benefits of {service you are providing the client) ,we will give you (provide some value, such as a closing costs discount). 
Keep in mind that it is not necessary for your entire company to attend the workshop. The workshop can take place at your place of business or at our offices. 
We call it a "Lunch & Learn" because we provide lunch for all who attend. Anyone who closes a loan with us from your company will also receive (provide some value, such as a closing costs discounts)
I’d like to discuss this with you. When would be a good time to speak, and what number can I reach you at? 
Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you.