Mortgage Originator-Outgoing Email Blast for Refinancing

COPY & PASTE THE TEXT BELOW (Make Edits As Necessary)

Hi (NAME),
The market has been in our favor for rates and we are in a good position to save you some money with a lower interest rate….and I will pay all of your closing costs!

All you would need to do is set up a new escrow account for taxes and insurance.  That is about 3-4 months of tax and insurance cost that you would pay at the closing.  A few weeks after we close, you would be reimbursed your current escrow account…so that money is a wash.  Also, we have to pay off your loan.  That is basically the interest due on you upcoming mortgage payment.  You wouldn’t have a new payment the first of the month after we close as your first payment due would be the month there after.  So that is a wash too since the money is basically coming from your budgeted payment. 

I like to call this free money.

Let me know if you want me to dig in more and I can drill down to specifics.

Talk soon. NAME