Mortgage Originator Cross Sell To P&C Agent on a REFINANCE loan

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While you are going through the refinance process, it is a good time to review your Home Owner's Insurance for potential opportunities to save money. **
If you need a referral, please consider contacting our valued insurance partner, (AGENT NAME at:

It's likely that you already have a home owner's insurance policy in place, but when was the last time you had your coverage checked? And, when was the last time you compared the premiums you pay to the current market? (AGENT NAME) will be happy to look over your current policy to make sure it's appropriate for your property, and to see if there are any cost-saving opportunities you may be missing.
We've worked with (AGENT NAME) for many years now, and he does a fantastic job for all of our clients. (AGENT NAME) has been cc'd on this email, and will be in touch shortly by email to see if he can be of service to you.
Please let us know if you have any questions or require additional information regarding insurance issues.
Best Regards,
** If you're refinancing a condominium, the master condominium policy- which we will obtain- may require you to have a personal condominium insurance policy in place at closing. We will let you know if it is required once the policy is reviewed.