Prospecting Letter/Email to a Company Manager to Recruit a Professional to Join Your Mastermind Group

Recruiting Letter a company Manager for a specific professional

Dear __________,

My referral partners and I are forming/have created a networking group which will exclusively include an Accountant, Financial Advisor, Estate Planning Attorney, Realtor, Mortgage Originator, Property & Casualty Insurance Agent, and Real Estate Attorney/Escrow Officer. We are currently interviewing for the ________ member. We are impressed with your company and how you run your business, and would like to know if you have a professional ________ that would be interested in this unique opportunity.

What is a Core7 Group? A Core7 Networking Group Consists Exclusively of a Realtor, Mortgage Originator, Financial Advisor, Accountant, Insurance Agent, Estate Planning Attorney, and Real Estate Attorney/Escrow Officer that work in a predictable, systematic, and accountable process that benefits their mutual clients. For additional information please visit our site:

Enclosed is information how the group works along with a questionnaire to fill out. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please let us know. We will be making our decision on ________.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. Best Regards,