(R.E ATTY./ESCROW OFFICER SPECIFIC) Lunch & Learn Company Cross Sell

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Hi (Client),
Congratulations again on your recent closing! Great to see you and the unit a few weeks ago! We really appreciated the opportunity to work with you and hope you are happy in your new home {hopefully the tile floor is ok)
Would you do me a favor? We have recently started doing "Real Estate Lunch & Learns," at companies.
We bring lunch, and educate people about various topics in the real estate market. Typically we go through HR who facilitates us getting in and letting people know about the event. What we found is it's a great way, in a casual setting (+ lunch}, for people to get information on the market and what's happening. We have a short presentation and then typically open it up for Q&A. Usually about 10-15 people attend. I have also taught some of these subjects for Brookline Adult Education. Recent topics included:
Current State of Real Estate Market
Start up for First time real estate investor
How credit score can affect mortgages
What's happening in the mortgage market
Selling and Buying is today's Real Estate market
How to buy your first home
Integrating Real Estate into your overall financial plan
Do you think that might be something that your company would be interested in? If so, can you connect us with the appropriate person who could set that up?
Thanks again-