Realtor To Mortgage Originator for Pre-Approval

COPY & PASTE THE TEXT BELOW (Make Edits As Necessary)

Hi (Client's name),

I'm looking forward to meeting with you on (appointment date/time). {Team member's name or"/") will be in touch to schedule a time for us to see some properties in the {$XXX- $XXX) range.

As discussed, getting pre-approved is one of the first steps. I recommend (Mortgage Originator partner's name). He is a Lender who is my trusted Advisor and can be of help. {Team member's name or "He/She/") will be in touch soon to schedule a time to speak. (He/She) wants the process to be free of errors, so be aware that (he/she) collects all of the necessary documents up front. (These documents are required by FNMA guidelines). This may seem like a lot to do upfront, but is critical to find the best structure, make things go much more smoothly when we enter the transaction, and give us a huge advantage when negotiating on a new property.

Attached is my Buyer Questionnaire. At your convenience, please fill it out and return.