Core7 Employee Home Benefit- Corporate Lunch & Learn

This product is included with the purchase of The Core7 Referral System.

The What’s Your Rate? Product is a Consumer Direct Product geared towards obtaining Continuing Education Workshops and Corporate Lunch & Learns. All of the content is based on The Amazon Best Selling Book What’s Your Rate? - How to buy a home and Secure Your Financial Future At The Same Time

 What's included:

 Continuing Education Package:

  1. Letter to Continuing Education Director
  2. Seminar proposal
  3. First steps to purchasing a home and creating a secure financial team at the same time 
  4. What’$ Your Rate? discount order form 


What’s Included:

  • Corporate Mortgage Benefit  Overview
  • In process cross-sell letters and emails
  • Why you should have preferred housing
  • What Makes Us Different attachment
  • Next Steps to purchase a home
  • Corporate Finance program flyers
  • *30% Discount on the book: What’$ Your Rate?  How to buy a home a secure and secure your financial future at the same time.

Seminar Materials for Continuing Education Seminars and Lunch & Learn Presentations:

What’s Included:

  • Seminar Check list
  • Intake form
  • Closing cost coupon
  • Credit worthiness certificate
  • Conditional credit worthiness certificate 


Spreadsheets that you can email to your clients to add value.

  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash-Flow Analysis
  • Net Proceeds Worksheet

MASTER WORKBOOK & VIDEO WALKTHROUGH -What'$ Your Rate? Presentation:

Included are:

  • What’$ Your Rate? Seminar Workbook Master Copy (Follows the book ‘What’$ Your Rate?’)
  • Video walkthrough of the workbook by Mark Maiocca offering suggestions for your presentation 

What'$ Your Rate? Seminar Workbook (Client Copy)

Included are:

  • What’$ Your Rate? Seminar Workbook Master Copy (Follows the book ‘What’$ Your Rate?’) 

What'$ Your Rate? Client Information Package: 

  • Spreadsheets
  • Forms to start Process: (Applications, Forms, and Questionnaires)
  • Financing Articles For Information Package