Mortgage Jumpstart

This product is included with the purchase of The Core7 Referral System.

This module walks through the first month to jumpstart your mortgage business or started from scratch the right way! It is created to assist a new mortgage originator, but can also be a way to recharge your existing mortgage business. The highlights of this module: Creating your database, automate your marketing, your mortgage consultation, generating outgoing referrals to your partners, communicating with your clients and Real Estate Partners, and much more! 


What you will learn:

Day #1: Start With The Right Business Mindset
Day #2: Building Your Database ( attached is the core 7 database Builder)
Day #3 - #8: ( part 1) Create A Process To Obtain And Gather Loan Documentation Up Front.
Day #3 - #8: (part 2) Schedule The Loan Consultation And Receive Permission To Send The Pre-Consultation Worksheets. ( the pre-consultation worksheets will be attached to this post)

Day #3 - #8: ( part 3) A Walkthrough Of Each Section Of The Pre-Consultation Worksheets And Handling Clients Pushback.
Day #9: How Much Do You Want To Learn? And How Many Closings Do You Need? ( attached is the core 7 income calculator)

Day #10: Choosing A Closing Attorney Or Escrow Officer
Day #11: Partner Prospecting Interviews ( attached is the realtor and financial planner questionnaires)

Day #12: Call On Your Prospects Introduced By Your Attorney Or Escrow Officer
Day #13: Where Will You Get Your Business? The Business Pillars.
Day #14: Create A Referral Directory
( attached will be the prospecting letter and the core 7 referral directory template)

Day #15: Design Your Follow-Up Plan.
Day #16: Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
( attached is the what's your rate book discount)

Day #17: Creating Your Introduction Letter For Prospecting
( attached is the realtor follow up email, the realtor introduction letter, and the realtor no response follow up email.)

Day #18: Build Your List Of Prospects Using The Core7 Approach System.
( attached is the email follow-up. the wrong attachment is on this one. The attachment on this one should be in day 19.)

Day #19: Start A Core7 Mastermind Group
( included is The Mastermind agenda and core 7 cheat sheet. It may be much more simple to include the core 7 recruiting information package?)

Day #20: Find A Credit Repair Expert
Day #21: Create Your Daily Schedule
Day #22: Time Blocking And Managing Your Voicemail
Day #23: Become Financially Literate
Day #24: Used Loan Presentation Software
Day #25: Learn Your Elevator Scripts Based On Your Unique Selling Proposition.
( attached is an example of the core 7 Mastermind agenda)

Day #26: Other Networking Groups
Day #27: Pick One Prospecting Activity That You Enjoy That You Will Do Every Single Day.
Day #28: A TIP- Make Good Service A Prospecting Activity